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Why choose Oakley sunglasses?

Oakley Inc is a brand that specializes in sports equipment and sunglasses that are out of the ordinary. Oakley sunglasses designs are characterized by not only being eye-catching and attractive, but also resistant to any weather (including humidity) and circumstance. Therefore, it is not surprising to see Oakley sunglasses and sports sunglasses at sporting events such as the famous Tour de France or the NFL. 

The Oakley Inc. company specialized in sports equipment, mainly in sunglasses with a sporty, colorful and exclusive look. Ideal for everyday use, these designs also feature high HDO technology, which exceeds the testing standards of the American National Standards Institute (responsible for analyzing the performance of the sunglasses industry). As a result, Oakley sunglasses both protect against glare and UV rays and provide crisp, clear clarity to the eye. 

In addition, thanks to the use of the most advanced optical technology, Oakley sunglasses feature special impact protection and visual optimisation that allows sunglasses to be prescription sunglasses for any sport (such as cycling, golf and fishing). From models such as Holbrook, Portal to Deadbolt, Oakley sunglasses are often the focus of attention for athletes such as footballer Juju Smith-Schuster, skier Mikaela Shuffrin, BMX rider Saya Sakakibara, golfer Andrew Putnam, motorcyclist Juan Pablo Montoya and multi-sport athlete Holly Lawrence.  

Which Oakley sunglasses will be right for your favorite sport? At Mr-Sunglass you will find the ideal Oakley sunglasses for every sporting activity you do.