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Once you receive confirmation of your purchase, which is issued online with our central systems, you will know for sure that your purchase has been made, with the MR-SUNGLASS guarantee.

MR-SUNGLASS securely processes and safeguards with utmost care all of the User’s personal data, bank and credit card details and payment transactions, ensuring all aspects of integrity (that the information is not damaged), confidentiality (that it is known only by those who should know it) and availability (that it is available when needed).

The web application has been designed to avoid leaving traces of the information passed on through your computer such that you may access the service from anywhere, in principle, without fear. However, your device may be configured to save the pages visited, visit history, passwords provided, etc. Unless you are an expert, we recommend you use our service only from trusted devices.

Although MR-SUNGLASS cannot prevent the User from suffering an incident in their use of the Internet, MR-SUNGLASS takes every precaution in its operations and systems to avoid malfunctions as far as possible. 

However, MR-SUNGLASS can do nothing to maintain the confidentiality of the data of a certain User or other elements if said User does not take care with the confidentiality of their username and password. Given the existence of risks on the Internet, MR-SUNGLASS recommends that the User take the appropriate self-protection steps, which are fundamentally technical and behavioural in nature, with regards to risks of identity theft or violation of communication. For example, regarding your device and as necessary, it is recommended that you use the latest versions of computing programs, given the fact these include greater security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data, and that you appropriately review setting options, for example, in order to prevent your browser from involuntarily facilitating your username, password or email address to web servers you access and that request them.


Responsible for the treatment: MR SUNGLASS STORE SL

In compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce. Below is the identification of the owner of this website: B-66868985. Address: Mossen Jacinto Verdaguer 64-66 local 2. 08330 Premia de Mar (Barcelona, Spain). Registered in the Registry of Barcelona, Volume 45586, Folio 220, Page B-492767, 1st Inscription. 


This Legal Notice, which regulates the use of the Portal, accessed through the internet address, has been drawn up in accordance and compliance with the provisions outlined in Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter the LOPD, using its Spanish acronym) and in Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (hereinafter the LSSICE, using its Spanish acronym). Said website has been designed to advertise the information, activities and services offered by Use of the Portal attributes the condition of User and implies the acceptance of all the terms and conditions included in this Legal Notice, and the User should duly and carefully read this Legal Notice on each of the occasions they intend to use the Portal, given that these terms and conditions of use may undergo modifications. Access to the Portal is free with the exception of the cost to connect to the telecommunications network supplied by the access supplier contracted by each individual User. The use of certain services offered to users through the Portal may be subject to their own individual terms and conditions (hereinafter “Individual Terms and Conditions”), which, in all cases, substitute, complete and/or modify this Legal Notice. Therefore, before using said services, the User must also carefully read the corresponding Individual Terms and Conditions. In any case, it must be noted that the services provided by have a price that is indicated in the corresponding commercial offer. The duration of this agreement is limited to the use of the Portal. Consequently, the contract will be terminated when the User disconnects from the Portal.

Any complaint, issue or improvement suggestion regarding the accessibility of this Portal may be sent by email to [email protected].

MR-SUNGLASS respects your right to privacy and does not collect on its page any of your personal information without your consent. Any personal data you provide MR-SUNGLASS with will be processed with security guarantees. In compliance with the provisions of the LOPD and in Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, through which the LOPD implementing regulation was approved (hereinafter the RDLOPD), MR-SUNGLASS S.L., with a registered office at Mossen Jacinto Verdaguer 64-66, Local 2, Permià de Mar, Barcelona (Spain), and CIF B66868985, wishes to make the User of the website aware of its policy regarding the processing and protection of the personal data people voluntarily communicate to MR-SUNGLASS through the channels indicated on the aforementioned website, when they complete data collection forms, or when they use any other service present on the website that involves the communication of their personal data to MR-SUNGLASS, including but not limited to registration on the website and the purchase, by the registered user, of products of MR-SUNGLASS. MR-SUNGLASS undertakes to maintain the privacy of the personal data of users of the services available on this website, in addition to payment information and the economic transactions made, adapting to the provisions outlined in the LOPD. MR-SUNGLASS hereby informs the User of the website that this Privacy Policy contains all aspects related to the processing of personal data carried out by MR-SUNGLASS as the entity responsible for said data through the website. If the User, after reading this document, continues browsing and using the services of the website, they will be declaring their express acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the processing of personal data. Otherwise, the User should leave the website. In addition, the User is informed that these terms and conditions will be of subsidiary application to those that are established especially for the same matter and which are communicated to the user without limitation through registration forms and/or a contract, with the present policies remaining complementary to the previous policies when they do not contradict one another.

The User is hereby informed that any processing of personal data will remain under the scope of application of current Spanish law regarding data protection, as established by the LOPD, the RDLOPD and its complementary and developed regulations.

For this purpose, personal data will be understood as, but not limited to, any information concerning identified or identifiable individuals, including their email address and/or IP address in the case in which the affected parties are unequivocally identified, and by User, any identified or identifiable individual who communicates their personal data to MR-SUNGLASS via the communication channels with MR-SUNGLASS, such as SMS, WhatsApp or similar, email, telephone, the completion of data collection forms, registration and/or in any case the use of any service present on the website that involves the communication of their personal data to MR-SUNGLASS and/or any other form of communication data to said entity.

MR-SUNGLASS hereby informs the User of the website of the existence of various personal data processing forms and files, with these being the responsibility of MR SUNGLASS STORE S.L., where the personal data the User communicates to MR-SUNGLASS through this website and the different communication channels indicated therein are gathered and stored.

When the User merely accesses the MR-SUNGLASS website they are not obliged to provide personal information in order to use the site, therefore, any communication of data for such a purpose will be because the User has voluntarily decided on personalised browsing or use of the services or to undertake a purchasing activity.

However, in the event the User is interested in accessing particular services that are conditional to prior registration, such as participating in an online purchase and/or receiving information from MR-SUNGLASS, they must complete the personal data request forms or other means employed so the User adheres to the terms and conditions of use of the services and contract that in each case are offered through the website. Notwithstanding the provisions of these terms and conditions, in the aforementioned cases, the data processing terms and conditions will enjoy preferential applicability in each case, and they will be established and communicated to the User by MR-SUNGLASS through registration forms and/or a contract or, if applicable, the Individual Terms and Conditions of other services and, with the present policies remaining complementary and of subsidiary application to the aforementioned where they do not contradict one another.

MR-SUNGLASS does not request especially protected data from the User, with this data being understood as, in accordance with articles 7 and 8 of the LOPD, data related to race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, criminal record, physical or mental health, or sexual orientation.

When the User does not maintain any legal relationship with MR-SUNGLASS, they must consider, and they are hereby informed, that any personalised communication the User sends to MR-SUNGLASS by any means involves and implies the granting of their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent to the processing of their personal data by MR-SUNGLASS for the purpose of attending to it and sending the information requested from MR-SUNGLASS.

In cases when the User requests or uses any of the specific website services for this purpose and/or undertakes on this website, the data that is supplied in each case will be processed, depending on the service requested or used, to manage said activities and enable operational and/or commercial management in accordance with the contents of regulation. In addition, when the User requests and/or consents to the sending of publicity information from MR-SUNGLASS, their data will be processed for said purposes.

In any case, the User of this website is hereby informed of the following points:

  • Truthful, exact and current data must be supplied and the User is responsible and undertakes to keep it duly updated. Personal data must correspond to the identity of the individual who communicates it.
  • The data that is communicated for the purpose of purchase management will be included in a personal data file that is the responsibility of MR-SUNGLASS in order to undertake operational management, including the sending of service communications and all other purposes outlined in this clause and any others of which, if applicable, the User will be duly informed. In said file, data related to operations on the registration of users, including the opening of an account and the data provided by the User, the acceptance of the terms and conditions, and the closure of an account will be stored, among other data.
  • The communication of data required during the registration process and adhesion to the contract is obligatory in order to make purchases from MR-SUNGLASS.
  • The communication of data in order to receive information from other services and/or sales agents and/or those of another nature is voluntary. In this case, if the User does not wish to provide personal data for processing by MR-SUNGLASS for this aim, the User must abstain from completing the existing forms on the website designed for this purpose. In this case, data will included in a personal data file that is the responsibility of MR-SUNGLASS for the purpose of providing said services and information.

In accordance with the foregoing, if the User does not agree to the processing of their data by MR-SUNGLASS, they should abstain from communicating or sending their personal data to MR-SUNGLASS by any means including but not limited to email, registration on the website, adherence to the contract, and the completion of forms, therefore undertaking an anonymous browsing session on the website. Likewise, the User should abstain from making a purchase on this website.

Personal information will only be used for limited purposes, including the aforementioned but not limited to these, in which case the User will be unequivocally informed before the collection and processing of their data. Within the framework of the provision of the services and contents offered on the website, MR-SUNGLASS can request personal data from the User of the website at any time via forms or other means. In such cases, MR-SUNGLASS will include an informative communication within the data collection form where all the terms and conditions for the processing of personal data in accordance with article 5 of the LOPD will be indicated, such as the obligatory or optional nature of responding to the questions set forward, the consequences of obtaining said data or the negation to supply it, the purposes of data collection, the possible cessions carried out and, if applicable, MR-SUNGLASS will request consent for the processing of personal data performed.

MR-SUNGLASS may send the User two types of communications: necessary service communications related to the User’s purchase; and commercial communications about the products and services MR-SUNGLASS advertises as well as additional services. Service communications will be sent to users who make a purchase through this website and other types of communications, including commercial communications, will only be sent to users who have expressly requested this from MR-SUNGLASS during the registration process or at another time.

Acceptance of the sending of commercial and/or publicity information is completely voluntary and is not obligatory for the purchase of products. Service communications, on the other hand, are obligatory. All service communication with the User in relation to their purchase will occur via email or mobile message, with the exception of exceptional circumstances in which other channels may be used; in these cases the identity of the recipient of the message will be verified first.

The registered User on the website may register or unregister at any time, for free, to the service of receiving additional, non-service communications (including commercial communications) through their personal account on this website by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject "UNREGISTER COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS".

MR-SUNGLASS hereby warns the User that this entity is only responsible and guarantees the confidentiality, security and processing of data in compliance with this policy regarding the personal data collected from the User on this website, and it is not liable for the subsequent use and processing of this personal data that may be performed by third-party service providers of the information society that may access said data in order to provide their services or exercise their activity. Third-party service suppliers from the information society will be understood as, but not limited to, individuals and legal entities that provide the following services: (i) Transfer of data provided by recipients of the service via a communication network. (ii) Access services to said network. (iii) Data storage services. (iv) Contents or information supply. In addition, MR-SUNGLASS is not liable for the processing of data that is undertaken by the third parties who establish hyperlinks with MR-SUNGLASS, nor for those responsible for sending users to their website through MR-SUNGLASS hyperlinks. MR-SUNGLASS hereby informs the User that it will be responsible for managing, operating and developing this website, exercising its functions as the entity responsible for processing, in accordance with the provisions established in article 12 of the LOPD and in compliance with its implementing regulation.

MR-SUNGLASS hereby warns the User that, unless legally constituted representation exists, no User may utilise the identity of another person or communicate their personal data, meaning the User must always consider that, if they communicate personal data by any means to MR-SUNGLASS, they may only include personal data corresponding to their own identity and that is appropriate, pertinent, current, exact and truthful.

For this purpose, the User will bear sole responsibility for any direct and/or indirect damage they cause to third parties or MR-SUNGLASS due to the use of the personal data of another person, or their own personal data when it is false, erroneous, out-of-date, inappropriate or impertinent.

Likewise, if the User communicates the personal data of a third party, they will be liable for the obligation of information established in article 5.4 of the LOPD for when personal data has not been gathered from the affected party, and/or for the consequences of not having informed the affected party.

The User is the only source of information regarding their personal data, which is why MR-SUNGLASS asks that, in order to keep their data up-to-date and current at all times in accordance with the principles of the LOPD, the User communicate any variation to said personal data by contacting the address indicated for the exercising of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

MR-SUNGLASS hereby informs the User that they may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by email request sent to [email protected].

The exercising of this right is personal, which is why the party in question may exercise said rights by verifying their identity, through a legal representative (in which case said condition must be accredited), and/or through voluntary representation (expressly authorised to exercise said rights).

In cases of representation, the identity of the individual represented must be clearly accredited through the presentation of a copy of their identification document or equivalent, and the representation granted by them.

In any case, the communication that is sent to MR-SUNGLASS must expressly indicate the request or right being exercised.

Exercising rights of opposition and revoking consent granted for the reception of communications associated with other services and/or commercial communications by electronic means

Under articles 21.2 and 22.1 of the LSSICE, the User is hereby informed of their right to oppose the processing of their data for promotional purposes for the reception of commercial communications or those for additional services, in addition to their right to revoke the consent granted at any time simply by notifying MR-SUNGLASS of their wish to do so. The User may send their opposition by email to [email protected], with the subject “LSSICE OPPOSITION”. The User may also use this channel to revoke their consent, requesting removal from the commercial email communications reception service by sending an email to the same address, with the subject “UNREGISTER”.

MR-SUNGLASS hereby informs the User that, in compliance with the provisions of the LOPD and the RDLOPD, it has adopted the technical and organisational measures necessary to guarantee the security of the personal data provided and to avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, taking into account the status of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether they stem from human action or the physical or natural environment, and that personal data will only be registered in files that meet the terms and conditions determined in the aforementioned regulations regarding its integrity and security and that of processing centres, properties, equipment, systems and programs. Likewise, MR-SUNGLASS guarantees the User it will comply with the duty of professional secrecy regarding the User’s personal data and the duty to safeguard it.

When deemed necessary, MR-SUNGLASS will proceed to update its privacy and personal data protection policy. Any modification to this policy will be published and displayed on the MR-SUNGLASS website and in the same policy, with the User considering that the processing of the data previously communicated to MR-SUNGLASS will be governed by the current policies and terms and conditions of data processing  that are published when providing their personal data to MR-SUNGLASS, notwithstanding the preferential application of the specific legal texts related to the matter, such as informative texts inserted in data collection forms and/or individual service terms and conditions. The User will be fully responsible for consulting the MR-SUNGLASS privacy policies published so they are aware of the latest version at all times. MR-SUNGLASS reminds the User that if, after reading this document, they continue to use the services of the website and communicate their personal data to MR-SUNGLASS, they will be declaring their express acceptance of this privacy and personal data protection policy. If this is not the case, the User should abstain from using the services and contents of the website, therefore undertaking an anonymous browsing session.

MR-SUNGLASS would be grateful to receive any comments the User may have regarding this privacy and personal data protection policy sent to the email address [email protected]

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