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Discover the Variety of Sunglasses at Mr Sunglass

At Mr Sunglass, we understand that your eyes deserve the best. Our wide range of sunglasses offers styles to suit every personality and occasion. From classics to the latest fashion trends, we are committed to providing you with options that not only protect your eyes from the sun's glare, but also enhance your style.

Why are sunglasses important?

Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory, but also an essential tool to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause long-term eye problems, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. By wearing quality sunglasses, you can significantly reduce the amount of UV radiation reaching your eyes, keeping them healthy and protected.

Sunglasses for Men and Women:

We offer a wide range of sunglasses to meet all your needs. From classic sunglasses to more modern and avant-garde designs, we have something for every taste. Our selection includes:

Are you a man who values style and eye protection? In Mr Sunglass' exclusive category of men's sunglasses, you will find the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. From classic designs to avant-garde models, our men's sunglasses are the ideal choice for those looking to stand out with sophistication.

Women's sunglasses are not just an accessory; They are a statement of style and personality. At the Mr Sunglass online store, we are committed to offering you a wide range of options that enhance your beauty and give you the protection your eyes deserve.

Variety of Sunglasses Frame Formats

Discover the perfect way to enhance your style with the various eyeglass frame options available. From the classic comfort of a pillow to the bold charm of an aviator design, the variety is endless. Do you prefer crisp, structured lines? Opt for a square frame that will add a touch of modernity to your look.

If you're looking for something more unique, curved and irregular frames offer a distinctive touch that's sure to turn heads. Do you lean towards feminine elegance? The butterfly shape adds a touch of grace and style to your face. For an aura of mystery, cat-eye frames are the perfect choice.

Classic options also have their place, with oval frames providing a soft aesthetic and phantos merging vintage with contemporary. Are you a free spirit? Round frames are the perfect expression of your individuality.

For lovers of nostalgia, wayfarer frames evoke the retro essence with a modern touch. If you're looking for a more fashion-forward look, pilot frames are the ideal option, while rectangular frames offer a combination of elegance and simplicity.

Type of lenses for sunglasses:

Explore the world through your glasses with a wide range of lens options designed to meet your needs and highlight your style. From the modern, edgy touch of mirrored lenses to the classic versatility of standard lenses, every choice counts.

Photochromic lenses adapt to ambient light, providing optimal vision in any environment. If you are looking for a minimalist and elegant design, flat lenses offer a contemporary style that does not go unnoticed. For those bright, sunny days, polarized lenses are your ally, eliminating glare and improving visual clarity.

Your choice of lenses not only affects your vision, but also your personal style. Explore the options available and find the perfect lenses that fit into your everyday life and highlight your individuality with every look.


Frequent questions

  • What is the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are specially designed to reduce glare and glare caused by reflected light. They are ideal for outdoor activities and for those who spend a lot of time near reflective surfaces. On the other hand, non-polarized sunglasses provide protection against UV rays but do not have the benefit of reducing glare.

  • Do I need sunglasses to drive?

Yes, sunglasses are a great option for driving as they help reduce glare from the sun and lights from other vehicles. In addition, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, contributing to a safer and more comfortable drive.

  • How can I know if some sunglasses are of good quality?

When choosing quality sunglasses, look for those that offer 100% protection against UV rays and that meet established safety standards. Also make sure that the lenses are made of impact resistant materials and that the fit is comfortable and secure.

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