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Why choose Persol sunglasses?

Forerunners in the use of integrated flexible hinges, Persol sunglasses are the first of their kind in both the fashion and eyewear industry in Spain. They are often favored by people with well-defined ideas, thoughts and statements focused on excellence. 

Since 1917, Persol sunglasses designs go through a process of dedication and time to become a piece of art. Through the sophistication of materials, visual technology and guaranteed durability, Persol sunglasses become iconic beyond the barriers of time and space. For Persol, the personality and clarity of its sunglasses are its calling card.

The high quality of Persol sunglasses has become a symbol of elegance, style and visual protection. Therefore, Persol sunglasses models became popular since many public figures started wearing them, such as the famous actor Steve McQueen, the international star Greta Garbo and the immortal James Bond for the movie Casino Royale (2006). Especially with models such as Persol Aviator, Oval, Cat Eye or Square sunglasses. 

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