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Why choose Tous sunglasses?

With almost 100 years of history, Tous sunglasses are ideal for personalities who stand out for their creative spirit and inexhaustible passion. For this reason, Tous sunglasses designs usually mix practicality and elegance for women who are looking for high-quality work and an avant-garde vision. In other words, Tous sunglasses are for women who are clear about their tastes and goals.

Tous is being led by artisans and creatives who seek to provide something different to the world. For this reason, the designs of Tous sunglasses are intended to represent agility, courage and quality. From the design to the manufacture of Tous sunglasses is a process with the guarantee of setting trends, elegance and, above all, personality. They are perfect gifts for all occasions, especially for people with a unique sense of the world of fashion and high quality.

Buying Tous sunglasses is supporting a family business that started in 1930, when the founders, Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife Rosa Oriol, moved to Manresa (Barcelona) to start a line of jewelry that would change the industry in Spain. In other words, choosing Tous sunglasses is synonymous with family work that provides identity, belonging and, above all, glamour.

At Mr-Sunglass you will find the ideal Tous sunglasses for you, which will fill you with elegance through their romantic models.


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